Honeydew was formed by Chimp Beams guitarist K-Go (G/Vo) with Junko (B/Vo) and Riley (Ds) in Brooklyn, NY. In January 2009, K-Go and Junko restarted the band in Tokyo. After playing more than 30 shows, Rico Ambiru joined as a support drummer in Oct. 2010. The power trio has feel-good songs with catchy melodies and tight rhythms. Influenced by US indie sounds, they are often compared with 90′s grunge/ alternative rock bands. Honeydew can appeal to shoegaze and power pop fans as

In 2011, Honeydew released their self-produced first full album “Don’t Know Where” (small finger records, sfr-009) which was mixed and mastered by Kidoh Taki, a sound engineer worked with Japanese underground legends like COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, Tokusatsu (特撮) and others.

In 2015, Honeydew have released their 2nd full album “Time to Tell” (Water Valley Sounds, WVS-0001) co-produced by Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu, a guitarist, producer known for being a tour member of Cornelius, Yoko Ono’s Plastic Band, Mi-Gu and other support roles. Shimmy mixed and mastered whole album including his guest appearance on “Powder Snow” where he shows his amazing and beautiful lead guitar skills. Cult rock star Ryuichiro Yunoki (EL-MALO) sang on “Highway Cowboy,” and played keyboards and portray iPad app. tricks on two other songs.

Currently, Honeydew mainly plays shows in Tokyo, and few small tours around Japan every year. They are working on new songs for future digital download releases in 2017, and hopefully a CD album to follow. Please check our music videos, check the songs. You can buy digital tracks (MP3, WAV, etc.) from iTunes, amazon, bandcamp and other sites. To order CD, cassette, or merchandises from us, you can directly contact us, We are also launching Honeydew Online Shop in January 2017.


K-Go Mizutani – Guitar/Vocal
Junko Watanabe – Bass/Vocal


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  • Don’t Know Where (2011)
  • Time to Tell (2015)


  • Gift EP (2017)
  • I’ll Be Around EP (2018)

Compilation Album


Compilation Split Album

  • Pleiades x Honeydew (2015)


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